DermOpt antibacterial and antifungal Cat / Dog Shampoo for problem skin (250ml)

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DermOpt antibacterial and antifungal Cat / Dog Shampoo for problem skin (250ml)

Used regularly in skin care routines, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of DermOpt Dog Shampoo help to prevent your pet from being infested with fleas or mites, and remedy skin problems, itchy skin conditions, skin disorders and skin allergies. It helps to maintain healthy skin, and promotes hair growth and a shiny coat. If you want healthy skin for your pet, then use DermOpt Shampoo, which has been vet proven to be an alternative to Malaseb. Use it in conjunction with DermOpt Conditioner Spray for a complete skin care program for your pet.

For rapid healing of bruised or damaged pad on the paws of your dog, use DermOpt Shampoo as a foot bath.

DermOpt contains Thrixsolene®, which is a nourishing antiseptic, fungicidal compound, effective in very low concentration. It contains no harsh chemicals, so can be used with confidence.

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Alsatian1 says:

Works well This is just a copy of my review on the spray conditioner, just tweaked a little.My German Shepherd has had horrendous skin for a while, and this shampoo (with the conditioner spray as well) has really brought out the shine on her coat. The skin appears less itchy and there is less flaking and underneath where the skin has gone black with pyoderma, it has started to recede where previously only antibiotics have worked. Also, anybody that has to buy malaseb shampoo from their vets will like the price of this stuff.One thing I am happy with, is that she still smells like a dog. Sounds odd, but I think that if a product makes them smell all flowery or like pina bloody colladas then it wont be doing their skin much good at all with all that perfume. She smells clean though, just still like she’s supposed to.Delivery was fast, and they responded to an email asking not to deliver on Saturday. I get things delivered to my mums house and she gets angry with me if she’s woken up! In all, a great product, and if I continue to see results I will buy again.

Richard Weston says:

Dermopt satisfaction I have been a veterinary surgeon for 35 years and I tested Dermopt with great success. I have been selling this in my surgery instead of Malaseb for several years. I use it in our grooming parlour in pets with skin conditions. I can vouch for this product as a good and cheaper alternative to Malaseb and other shampoos for dermatitis conditions. I link this product with StemPets for regenerating skin.

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